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Pin-Up Inspired Look Using Southern Magnolia Mineral Makeup

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1.Start off with a matte foundation:

Mineral Foundation-Fair

2.Fill in lips with your favorite red lipstick (or in this case, lip liner and gloss!)

Pin-Up Girl Red Lipliner and Boysenberry Lip Gloss

3.Apply a rose blush:

Vintage Cool Rose Matte Blush

4.Use any neutral color to deepen the eyelid crease.

Soft Brown Eye Shadow

5.Apply a winged eyeliner (I find it easier to draw the shape I want, then trace over it with black gel liner for a more intense look):

Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen and Black Eyeliner Gel

6.Apply mascara to the top lashes and you’re done!

Pro-Vitamin Mineral Mascara-Black

Subtle and classy with a pop of color!

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