Faux Fur Ultimate Blending Paddle Brush | Brush, Blend, Bronze, Buff, Blur, Beautify


Introducing Southern Magnolia's ultimate "it" brush! Are you tired of “blending” your makeup to what seems a flawless finish to you, then hopping in the car, only to see that embarrassing line creating a visible boundary around your face at your jaw, chin and hairline! It looks like you're holding a carnival mask up to your face? Am I right?!!  Well, say hello to our new little friend, the Ultimate "it" brush!! Rather than grabbing a tissue or using your fingers to correct an uneven makeup application, this super soft and unique brush will blend and buff away any excess makeup. Works on any cream or powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter and of course foundation. It will also help absorb extra oils on your face (matte finish anyone?)! Keep one in your car, at work, in your purse and of course on your vanity. It's the perfect size for travel.  Faux Fur Vegan/100% Synthetic.  Measures approximately 4 inches long.

Bonus: The Ultimate It Brush will remove any creased and caked up makeup that builds throughout the day in those fine lines too!

How to use this brush:

  • Highlighter, Blush, Bronzer, Contour - Using soft strokes, blend out any concentrated color for a softer, more natural look.
  • Foundation - Dab foundation on with finger or brush then use circular motions to blend whole face leaving a streak and blotch free finish.
  • Lines of demarcationPull color and brush down neck and blend out.