Mineral Night Time Treatment for Acne and Rosacea | Healing for Healthy Clear Complexion

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Those dreaded acne breakouts can happen at anytime and at any age, no matter how much you scrub. Plus, scrubbing can lead to irritation and redness, making the skin even more sensitive.

By using this powder nightly, you will watch your acne disappear and your rosacea become a lot less noticeable.

Our all natural ingredients work together to bring you miraculous results.

  • Zinc oxide: reduces inflammation and redness, anti-inflammatory, healing
  • Kaolin Clay: especially good for sensitive skin, draw toxins from the skin, absorbs oil
  • Cosmetic Rice Powder: offers slow oil absorbing properties, soothes, emollient

Use: Apply with brush, cotton pad or cotton ball. Do not rinse off until the next morning. Use nightly for optimum results.  Last 4+ months depending on use.

Natural ingredients: zinc oxide, kaolin clay,
cosmetic grade rice powder.  Made in the USA.