Well Rested - Multi-task Eye Brightener Refresher Concealer Eyeshadow

  • Large sifter size jar last 6+ months depending on use
  • Look wide awake and rested after an all-nighter
  • Wear it alone, as a shadow, eye primer, or foundation!
  • Formulated WITHOUT bismuth, perfume, talc, soy, chemicals
  • Worry-free ingredients to avoid unnecessary skin upsets
  • Natural sun protection
  • Made in the USA. Cruelty-free. Gluten-free

Formulated with love for our hard working, sleep deprived busy moms and dads! Wide awake and rested is a revival for the eyes!  Easily create a refreshed and bright-eyed look in seconds.  Look like you've had a full night of restful sleep.  Compares to brand names with double the price tag and half as much product!!

So many uses for this skin-saving multi-tasker...

  • brighten darkness on eye lid and under-eye area
  • use on nose, lips, anywhere that needs a little pick-me-up  
  • great neutral eyeshadow, or primer to hold other shadows longer
  • conceal skin imperfections such as blemishes
  • fair to light complexions can use as foundation
To Use:  Before applying foundation, sprinkle well rested into the lid of your jar. Use a concealer brush and dip into the powder and apply directly onto the area you wish to conceal and brighten.  Dab a little in the corner of your eye to bring an instant brightness to your look.

Ingredients: zinc oxide, sericite, rice powder, kaolin clay, iron oxide