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Waterlining, What is It and Why Use It? Video Tutorial


Waterlining, What is It and Why Use It?

Why Use It?

Waterlining is used is because it adds definition to the eye – and looks especially nice with smokey looks. It does have a tendency to make the eyes look slightly smaller, so it should be avoided if you have very small eyes.

What is It?

Waterlining is when you use a dark eyeliner on the area between your bottom lashes and eye, which is called the waterline. It can also be done on the top lid, though it is less visible. If you have sensitive eyes, it may not be ideal for you, since it involves putting makeup very close to the eye.

How to Do It

Below is a video showing the application of eyeliner to the bottom water line with a natural makeup look. Try it out for yourself with a Southern Magnolia Minerals liner.

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