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5 Natural Beauty Gifts for the Goddesses in Your Life This Holiday Season

Posted by Barbara Maynard on 15th Nov 2019

5 Natural Beauty Gifts for the Goddesses in Your Life This Holiday Season

How is it already almost December? Where did this year go?!

If you’re like me, you love this time of year. Having a reason to stay home with warm, comfy sweats on watching movies? That’s the best gift you could give me! And speaking of gifts, Southern Magnolia Minerals is full of them!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “I can’t buy makeup for someone else! How do I know what they’ll like?” I get where you’re coming from, but let me tell you… some of the best gifts I’ve ever received were things I wouldn’t have thought to get myself.

When it comes to makeup, we usually see ourselves a certain way. We get into our routines and buy the same colors and products over and over again. But our friends, moms, sisters, aunts, and grandmothers see us a little bit differently! That’s why we take them shopping with us to pick out a new dress for an event or to come with us to the nail salon. They’ll pick out a color we would have never thought looked good on us, or they’ll encourage us to go for a dress we wouldn’t think we could pull off. And we do the same for them!

So getting the ladies (or “goddesses”, you know… same thing…) makeup for the holidays is actually one of the best gifts you can give! Especially when we want to encourage them to start using healthier products, like all of the ones you’ll find in this store.

Here are 5 Southern Magnolia gift ideas for those goddesses in your life!

1. Makeup Kits

Our makeup kits are a no-brainer gift! Not only are they significantly more affordable than mainstream mineral makeup brands, but it’s like getting a bunch of gifts in one. So many of our friends and family are making the switch to more natural living these days, from buying more organic foods to staying away from harsh cleaning products, so it only makes sense to get them started on healthier makeup, too.

2. Skin Care Gift Sets

How many times have you looked at a skin care set and gone, “Eh, I don’t know if I should get all this for myself…” Well guess what, honey? Your friends have thought that, too! They will love getting one of our skin care gift sets under their Christmas tree (or menorah… or whatever they celebrate with!) and the best part is that they’re going to get high-quality, cruelty-free, mostly-organic skin care that will last them way beyond the holidays! You might even give them the solution they’ve been looking for and you didn’t even know it.Choose from our Acne Skincare Solutions Set, Mature Skincare Solutions Set, Sensitive Skincare Solutions Set, and our Glowing Energized Skincare Set (my personal favorite!).

3. Beauty Tools

The only thing better than getting new makeup? Getting new makeup and new makeup brushes! Beyond brushes, we have a ton of tools that make getting ready easy, including getting ready on the go. Our 4-in-1 Beauty Brush is the perfect stocking stuffer!

4. Lipsticks

Our lipsticks are some of our bestselling items. People love them because A) they don’t get flakey or bleed, and B) there are no nasty chemicals in them! Lipsticks make for great stocking stuffers and are the perfect opportunity to get your mom, friend, sister or whoever to try that color you know would look great on them but they’re too afraid to try.

5. MasquesSerums

If you don’t want to go for a full kit, our masques and serums pair well together for another great stocking stuffer or a simple gift on their own. Encourage the goddesses in your life to chill out this holiday season with a good masque, a drink, and finish it all off with a rich, beautiful skin serum!

And there you have it! 5 gorgeous gifts for the ladies in your life. And before you check out, make sure you’re not caught without a coupon