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All Kinds of Eyeliner! Gel, Liquid, Pencil and Powder from Southern Magnolia

3rd Jan 2014

All Kinds of Eyeliner! Gel, Liquid, Pencil and Powder from Southern Magnolia

January 3, 2014

Have you ever gone to pick out a new eyeliner, and been overwhelmed with the choices? As long as you have one of the following in your favorite eyeliner color, you’ll be set for any makeup look!

Gel Liner
gel eyelinerGel liner usually comes in a small pot and is used with a small, firm brush. It can give either a smudged look or a crisp line, making it ideal for many looks. If the makeup look you’re going for has a thicker liner, gel liner is a good choice.

Liquid Liner 
Liquid liner can be applied with a small, firm brush or the foam/bristle brush it comes with. This isfelt tip liquid eyeliner used for exact and crisp lines. Liquid liner is the most difficult of the eyeliners to use, but its exact and crisp lines make it so worth it. It is perfect for a vintage makeup look with a dramatic cat eye.

Pencil Liner 
Pencil liner is applied directly onto the skin from the pencil. It can produce a slightly smudged look but has the risk of creasing or transferring to other parts of the eyelid if too thick or not set with powder. Pencil liner is ideal to use directly on the lash line, as it is soft enough to go between eyelashes, and is unlikely to transfer to other parts of the eyelid in that area. It is a good choice for a low maintenance daily makeup look.

Powder Liner 
powder eyelinerPowder liner can be used for a smudged look or sit overtop of gel, liquid, or pencil liner to set it in place. It can also be used as a base to create the shape of eyeliner you want since it is easier to wipe away if you make a mistake. It is best used for a subtle liner on both the top and bottom lash line for day to day wear.