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Anti Aging Creams: Why Ours Work

Posted by Barb Huffman on 19th Sep 2014

Anti Aging Creams: Why Ours Work

There is a plethora of choices out there for wrinkle creams, anti aging potions and miracle skin balms. So many in fact that it can be somewhat overwhelming to just find a good moisturizer thanks to all these boasts of ingredients you’ve never heard of and vitamins you didn’t know existed.

But no one ever tells you why you want this ingredients in your creams or what exactly it is they are supposed to do for you. Over-the-counter skin creams are not classified as “drugs”, therefore they are not required to undergo scientific research to prove their claims. This means nobody has to prove effectiveness.

We at Southern Magnolia want to know that what we put on our face is safe, all natural and proven effective. Our Like our Anti-Aging Firm & Facelift Rejuvenation Cream.

This extraordinarily cream is a fabulous natural alternative to all the harsh anti-aging techniques and products on the market today!

But why does it work?

Our formula includes organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice, proven effective as a skin soother and anti-inflammatory as well as being widely used for its recognized healing properties.We also add organic prunus amygdalus dulcis (Almond Oil) which protects the skin from drying and improves it’s “barrier function” protecting your skin from toxins and damage, helping to keep skin smooth and supple.Throw in some vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin E, all proven to be wonderful additions for healing and repairing, as well as effective anti oxidants which help neutralize the free radicals (which steal electrons from your helathy cells, making them unhealthy) , and you got yourself a naturally developed skin care product that works.

Plus, don’t forget that our ingredients are natural and organic whenever possible and our products are paraben and bismuth free, meaning less skin irritation.

All of this at a fraction of the price you pay for the chemical laced alternatives at the drug store with unpronounceable additives. How could you not love Southern Magnolias skin products?

Check out our other anti-aging products as well such as our Youth Dew Serum and Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer Sunscreen With Broad Spectrum SPF 30. You will be happy you added these to your skin care regime.