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Autum Pumpkin Peel

2nd Dec 2013

Autum Pumpkin Peel

organic pumpkin facial peel

Maybe you're ready for fall, but is your skin?  Freshen your complexion with a 'delicious pumpkin puree' peel.  This glycolic treatment cleanses your skin of dead flakes, sweat residue and toxins. 

The first best thing about this pumpkin peel is the results. Customers rave about the high-quality ingredients used in this product, as well as the other organic skin care products in Southern Magnolia's anti-aging line.

The second best thing is that this peel is organic, meaning no extra chemicals were added.  But it works just as well as any chemical-heavy product found behind your local makeup counter. 

Glycolic Pumpkin Peel Review

We recently asked a customer to try out some of our organic skin care products and tell us what she thought. We gave her our Glycolic Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Masque to try after she complained about her aging, dull-looking skin. Here is what she had to say: 

"I'm a believer! This product made such a big difference in the appearance of my skin. I loved smoothing it on my skin--it didn't feel slimy, and the scent smells like delicious pumpkin puree. I noticed a difference after the first application, but it kept getting better and better with every use. Thanks for letting me try this amazing product! I'll definitely be getting more." 

Our pumpkin peel has 5% glycolic acid, which means you get professional level results from an at-home peel. You'll feel it working as soon as you put it on your face, as the glycolic acid gets to work removing dead and dull skin and revealing a fresher, younger complextion underneath. You only have to leave this product on for about 5 minutes.