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Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes and Tools

Posted by Barb Huffman on 16th Feb 2015

Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes and Tools

Makeup brushes are essential for even application of your everyday makeup. Yet, we sometimes neglect to clean our brushes and tools as regularly as we should. By taking only 5-10 minutes out of your week to wash your brushes, you will feel and see the difference!

Your makeup brushes and tools should be cleaned regularly – once or twice a week is enough to ensure they aren’t growing bacteria, which then transfers to your makeup and face. Brushes can lose their softness when they are caked with old makeup, so washing can actually improve their performance (not to mention it will feel better on your skin!). The best time to wash your brushes is before going to bed, so they can dry overnight and be fresh for use in the morning.


  • your makeup brushes and tools
  • a small bowl
  • makeup brush cleanser
  • cotton swabs or pads
  • rubbing alcohol
  • a clean towel

Gather all your makeup brushes, sponges, tweezers, sharpeners and makeup brush holders or cases. In a small bowl, pour some makeup brush cleanser.

Using warm water, wet the bristles of one brush at a time, dip into the cleanser, then gently cleanse the bristles.

Once the bristles appear clean and no color is washing off them, rinse with water then allow to lie to dry.

The brushes should have the handle propped up (using a towel, folded over on one side) so that moisture does not seep into the handle area.

Do the same procedure for your sponges.

For your tweezers, sharpeners and make-up cases, take some cotton swabs or pads and apply rubbing alcohol. Use this to disinfect your metal or plastic tools. This can also be used on the handles of your makeup brushes.

Let dry overnight and you will have soft, bacteria free brushes in the morning!