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Southern Magnolia Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

Posted by Barb Huffman on 5th May 2014

Southern Magnolia Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin requires special attention when it comes to skin care. If your skin reacts badly to normal skin care products, you may need to switch to more gentle products. It could even be that your skin has become sensitive as a result from using harsh chemicals in some skin care products. Check out these natural and sensitive-skin friendly products that will get your skin glowing again!

Step 1


This cleanser will not strip your skin of the natural oils it needs, but rather gently remove dirt and makeup.sensitive skin

Step 2


Toner may have been something you’ve avoided with your sensitive skin, but this is completely the opposite of the outdated alcohol-filled toners. This will balance out your skin and remove any traces of dirt that your cleanser may have missed.sensitive skin toner

Step 3

Night Cream

A night cream is a great way to fully moisturize your skin while you sleep. This night cream does everything while still being gentle. cream for sensitive skin

Once a Week


Give your skin a deep cleaning once a week, without the irritation.

face mask for sensitive skin

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