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Why Southern Magnolia Minerals is Not Your Average Cosmetics Company

Posted by Barb Huffman on 13th May 2014

Why Southern Magnolia Minerals is Not Your Average Cosmetics Company

When Southern Magnolia Minerals cosmetics began, we had one goal in mind. Real beauty with real results. It’s what sets us apart form other makeup companies. We are a small, family based business that cares about what is going not only onto our customers skin, but our own. Back in 2001, after being disheartened by products that caused skin issues and irritations, our founder Barb figured that if she couldn’t find exactly what she wanted in a makeup, then by golly she would create it!

mineral makeupSouthern Magnolia Minerals was born in the gorgeous foothills of North Carolina and is growing more and more successful as the customer base expands. Barb is the real deal and her company is her dream come true, so she is completely invested into making it the best it can be. She’s not some business savvy, corporate guru. She’s Barb. She’s an ordinary everyday woman who loves makeup and wants it to be as natural and safe as possible. And she wants to sell it to all the like minded individuals out there that know they can be natural and beautiful without spending a fortune. That's what sets Southern Magnolia Minerals apart from any other make up company.

“What I want to share, above my love for my new mineral makeup, is my experience working with and for Barb, the owner of Southern Magnolia Minerals. There is just something uniquely different about Barb. She has such an enjoyable personality, yet her determination, hard work, and DEDICATION never cease to amaze me. I thought it very important for you to know that not only is the makeup great, but you truly can not beat Barbs wonderful and uniquely genuine customer service!”-Most Sincerely,Crystal Calhoun, Web Designer

We take the time and energy to hand craft our minerals in small batches to ensure that each and every product has only the best ingredients. Our formulas are simple and we don’t mass produce. We like it this way so we can ensure our customers get fresh makeup, no added fillers and preservatives. We would never sacrifice quality, only the best for our beauties!

We understand our customers because we ARE our customers!

As consumers, we want honesty, fast service, affordable prices & the best quality products available, so that is what we are going to provide. With Southern Magnolia Minerals, you get personal service, real results and honest product reviews. No corporate PR guy is telling our models what to say. Our models are our customers and our reviews come from satisfied clients whose only incentive is to share our product with others. We are just that good.

Our products are different, because we are different. Southern Magnolia Minerals cares enough to ensure our products are gluten, toxin, bismuth, fragrance and cruelty free.

mineral makeup

Have you ever done research on most of the products in your makeup bag? Bet you can’t get through two of them without finding Formaldehyde, Parabens or Polyethylene glycol. These are known carcinogens, as in cancer. Yuck! As a responsible shopper, you get to choose what products are out there and you can use your dollars like votes towards the kind of ingredients you want.

“Wanting to thank you, for making gluten free, chemical free. I have MS, since being diagnosed I can no longer wear certain makeup. My daughter found your products. I can only wear your make-up and lipsticks. Again thank you. I am a new customer for life. Having MS changes your life in so many ways, but now I feel pretty again, and walk with my head held high…” Lisa T.

Our loose mineral makeup is 100% all-natural using simple ingredients that are healthy, healing, and just plain good for your skin! It DOES NOT contain Gluten, Bismuth, Talc, Perfumes, Oils, Dyes, Chemicals, or any other harmful ingredients. We want you to look good, and feel good doing it! We have zero animal testing on ANY of our products because as we all know, bunnies don’t know how to wear mascara anyway.

We look good in it though, don’t we ladies? Our products are bright and alluring, highlighting our natural assets in a fresh and pure way. With a variety of colors, you can dress up or dress down, depending on your mood and feel good knowing that you are treating your skin, not beating your skin.

Live, Laugh and Love Naturally.