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Natural Makeup

What is Natural Makeup?

Natural makeup can mean different things, depending on the context. Maybe you are looking for makeup that gives you a natural look? Or maybe you want environmentally-friendly makeup brands that do not use animal testing or makeup products that are vegan (do not contain animal byproducts) as ingredients.

The most common misconception is that natural makeup is safe. While many natural makeup brands claim to be ‘natural’, the fact is that not all natural substances are safe.

History of Natural Makeup

Humans have been using mineral makeup for thousands of years (think Cleopatra), however it was not until the 1970’s that ‘all-natural’ cosmetics gained more popularity as concerns over toxic chemicals in makeup began to grow.

In the Victorian Era, men and women used primarily lead-based makeup to achieve a lighter skin tone. While lead is a naturally occurring substance, we now know that it is highly toxic and probably caused thousands of deaths or illnesses.

Today, the shift is towards natural mineral cosmetics. Due to the countless benefits of using mineral makeup, it has become the number one type of makeup for both professionals and individuals who just want to look fabulous.

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