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the smm difference


Are you missing out on the beauty benefits of Mineral Makeup?

If you aren’t using Mineral Makeup, you could be missing out on some serious benefits:



Before & After

Problem: Freckles, dark under eye circles.
dark circles under the eyes
Solution: Mineral color concealer.
dark circle corrector

Moonkiss Organic Liquid Foundation

organic liquid foundation

Our antioxidant liquid foundation offers all the benefits of loose powder but provides even more coverage - perfect for concealing stubborn blemishes, freckles and creating an even skin tone.

mineral foundation for tan skin

Concealeryellow under eye concealer

Mineral Glowblush as eyeshadow

Mineral Blush talc free makeup

Luna Mineral Eyeshadow brown mineral eyeshadow

Black Vegan
Eye Linerblack mineral eye liner

Apricot Jojoba
Lip Glossapricot lip gloss

What's NOT in Our Makeup? "With mineral makeup, all you’re getting is 100% pure and simple ingredients that heal, conceal and improve your complexion over time."


Parabens are a class of preservatives known to disrupt hormones and cause health issues.


Gluten in cosmetics and food can contribute to skin issues and your overall health.


Bismuth is chemically similar to arsenic (yes, the poison). You won't find it in our cosmetics.


Talc - the main ingredient in many types of makeup - is linked to cancer, among other things.

Scent & Dyes

Perfumes and dyes made from super sketchy chemical ingredients? No thanks.

Conceal Dark
Under-Eye Circles

cover dark eye circles

How to Apply
Mineral Foundation

how to apply mineral foundation

How to Apply
Mineral Blush

raw minerals from Earth

What is Mineral Makeup?

Mineral color has been used for milinea to achieve rich color pigment. Natural minerals are common in nature and can be seen just about anywhere in the world. Today, the versatility of mineral makeup offers superior performance and a wide variety of formulas for all skin types and sensitivities.

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History of Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup has been around for thousands of years (think Cleopatra). Egyptian artwork suggests iron oxides were used to line the eyes and accentuate certain facial features. Similarly, native tribes all over the world have been known to use mineral based body paint to adorn their bodies for rituals or every day wear.

However, some 'natural' makeup ingredients used in the past haven't always been healthy.

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Our Pledge

Natural beauty begins with premium quality. Here at Southern Magnolia Minerals, our mineral makeup and skin care products are made with love using nature's best color pigments and vitamin enriched oils and extracts - as if Mother Nature herself put them here just for us to enjoy! We care about providing safe and healthy alternatives to 'dirty' makeup. Using no dyes, irritants, preservatives, waxes, mineral oil, fillers, gluten or bismuth, our mineral foundations, BB cream, concealers and anti-aging skin care products make you feel good - inside and out.

At Southern Magnolia, you will not find petrochemicals in our mascara, siloxanes in our skin care products or preservatives in our makeup. Our products are environmentally truth in labeling cosmetics seal friendly, responsibly sourced and made in the USA.

Southern Magnolia Mineral Beauty™ is a proud participant in the Truth in Labeling Pledge, a program that helps consumers, manufacturers and retailers stay informed about the ingredients in the products they buy, make or sell.

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