The Importance of Using Gluten Free Cosmetics

6th Nov 2013

The Importance of Using Gluten Free Cosmetics

There are millions of people in the United States who are dealing with some kind of gluten intolerance, whether it be a wheat allergy or celiac disease. They have to monitor what they eat and how their food is prepared very closely to avoid getting sick. But many of these people don't realize that gluten can be absorbed through the skin...meaning any gluten products in their makeup could end up making them ill. No one knows how much gluten popular makeup lines contain, but some woman are very sentitive to even the smallest amount of gluten. Symptoms may include stomach cramps, bloating, anemia, and may even result in damage to the small intestine.

There is no cure for gluten intolerance, so avoiding it is the only solution. Many women experience drastic changes in the health of their skin, hair, and overall well-being once they've made the change to gluten free cosmetics. If you feel it's time to start using gluten free cosmetics, consider switching to Southern Magnolia Mineral Makeup. Our makeup is made from all natural ingredients, and many customers with gluten allergies and celiac disease refuse to wear anything but our makeup. We genuinely care about what goes into our makeup, because we know it's going onto your skin. We wouldn't sell anything to our customers that we wouldn't want to use ourselves.

We offer a full gluten free cosmetics line as well as a skin care line. Take a few minutes to look around our website and look at the selection we offer. From acne solutions to anti-aging treatments, we have what you need to look your best without impacting your health. Our products are made right here in the United States of America, too, so you can wear them with pride. Have questions about our products? Give us a call! We're always happy to answer questions for our customers.