Wide Awake Eye Brightening Makeup Concealer Kit

  • Full size kit last 6+ months with daily use
  • Retail value $69
  • Great pick-me-upper and formulated for sensitive eyes
  • Under eye bags disappear, look perky and rested
  • Minimalist formulas to avoid unnecessary skin upsets
  • Made in the USA. Cruelty-free

Long days taking a toll on your look?  Well honey, leave your bags at home with this wide awake brightening kit from Southern Magnolia!  A necessity for every busy lady on-the-go!

Kit includes the following:

  • Eyelights Concealing Pearl Illuminator to lighten, brighten, and conceal.  net wt. .28oz/8g
  • Well Rested Shadow/Concealer, the great multi-tasker! Brightens your eyes, and doubles as an amazing concealer.  net wt. .1oz/2.8g
  • Pearl Beige Satin Shadow, a customer favorite and neutral shade for daytime wear.  net wt. .1oz/2.8g
  • Pink Eye Lift Cream Concealer neutralizes dark circles, instantly brightens eyes, naturally moisturizes, and a great eye primer too! net wt. .15oz/4.25g
  • Eco-friendly Bamboo Concealer brush, synthetic taklon bristles, 6.25" long
  • Application Instructions