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Longest Lasting Makeup

Reason #7:  Mineral Makeup is Longer Lasting

Do you find that certain types of makeup make your skin appear too oily? Or maybe you have combination skin where your t-zone is oily but the other parts are too dry and flaky. When you wear makeup, do you feel like you're only drawing more attention to blemishes? Do you need to constantly re-apply throughout the day to maintain your look?

How to get even coverage without caking on layers of heavy makeup is a question that's on the mind of many women.

Mineral makeup is longer lasting than other types of makeup in two ways:

  • Mineral makeup wears longer
  • Mineral makeup has a longer shelf life.

Get All-Day Wear with Mineral Color

Unlike makeup made with talc and cheap fillers, mineral makeup uses mica (titaniun and zinc), Earthern minerals that adhere to the skin’s natural oils better than most other ingredients. This way, you get naturally long-lasting coverage. The unique properties of our mineral ingredients allow you to layer mineral makeup for as little, or as much coverage as you want.

Longest Shelf Life

Mineral makeup has the longest shelf life of any makeup on the market. Because it is made with inorganic ingredients (minerals), it is naturally hypoallergenic and does not spoil when stored properly.

  1. Mineral makeup is better for your health.
  2. Mineral makeup performs better.
  3. Mineral makeup is better for the environment.
  4. Mineral makeup is non toxic
  5. Mineral makeup is more versatile
  6. Mineral makeup is organic
  7. Mineral makeup is longer lasting
  8. Mineral makeup is gentle on sensitive skin