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Mineral Makeup Performs Better

Reason #2:  Mineral Makeup Performs Better than Other Makeup Brands

If you think loose mineral color can't effectively cover blemishes, you haven't seen first hand how well mineral makeup works. Due to its versatility, mineral makeup is the number one preferred choice when it comes to getting a perfectly finished and flawless look. Now you can get that look at home using natural mineral makeup.

Mineral Makeup Conceals Better

Getting a flawless look that stays put all day is a challenge. It's either too oily, too flaky or smears too easily. The reason why mineral makeup performs so much better lies in the molecular structure of the minerals. When crushed, minerals adhere to your skin perfectly and provide unique light-reflecting qualities - perfect for concealng fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes.

Mineral Makeup Stays Put

One myth of mineral makeup is that it doesn't stay put. The truth is that, when applied correctly, mineral makeup will stay all day with little to no maintenance. Mineral eyeshadow primer helps keep color in place, while mineral powder can be used to create lasting wear lipstick and a beautiful finish you control.

Mineral Makeup is Waterproof

Another reason why mineral makeup performs better is its waterproof qualities. Our loose mineral powder formulas absorb oil in all the right places while maintaining the desired finish, and they don't smudge when you sweat or smear in a light rain.

Mineral Makeup Doesn't Cause Skin Irrirations

Finally, mineral makeup doesn't create skin problems. How many times have you tried a new makeup, only to find it causes your skin to itch, eyes to burn and face to dry out? Last time we checked, irritated skin and red, watery eyes were a fashion "don't". Defeat redness and irritation with our unique mineral colors. Our formulas are hypoallergenic and safe enough to sleep in!

  1. Mineral makeup is better for your health.
  2. Mineral makeup performs better.
  3. Mineral makeup is better for the environment.
  4. Mineral makeup is non toxic
  5. Mineral makeup is more versatile
  6. Mineral makeup is organic
  7. Mineral makeup is longer lasting
  8. Mineral makeup is gentle on sensitive skin