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The Gentle Makeup Brand

Reason #8:  Mineral Makeup is Gentle

Have you ever tried a new foundation or BB cream only to find it makes your face itch and/or turn red? Or maybe you’ve noticed an increase in breakouts since switching makeup brands. Believe it or not, the irritation could be caused by the ingredients in your makeup.

Southern Magnolia Mineral Cosmetics is one of the most gentle makeup brands on the market today. Our loose mineral foundation, blush and nontoxic mascara and eye makeup is 100% pure and natural, decreasing breakouts and allergic reactions that would normally be caused by other makeup brands.

Allergy Free Mineral Makeup

Many people suffer from makeup allergies because there are so many chemical ingredients - and combinations of chemical ingredients - in formulas by major makeup brands.

Mineral Makeup for Acne Sufferers

Because mineral makeup usually does not contain ingredients that can clog pores (think emollient oils and waxes, preservatives and fragrances), it’s good for teens and adults who are especially prone to acne breakouts.

Look for mineral makeup containing zinc. Zinc is said to sooth inflammation on the skin, lessening the look of red, irritated patches.

Mineral Makeup for Skin Health Conditions

Mineral based cosmetics are recommended for those suffering from certain health conditions such as celiac, eczema, lupus and psoriasis who have trouble finding makeup that is safe and gentle. Gluten intolerance sometimes originates from Celiac Disease, an auto immune disorder that causes inflammation of the small intestine and other health issues. When exposed to either topical gluten or gluten in the diet, people with CD can experience chronic allergic reactions and eventual malnutrition from their bodies' inability to absorb enough nutrients.

Southern Magnolia Mineral Makeup is 100% gluten free. Our vitamin enriched lipstick is not only free from gluten, it is also made with 85% organic content and is cruelty free.

  1. Mineral makeup is better for your health.
  2. Mineral makeup performs better.
  3. Mineral makeup is better for the environment.
  4. Mineral makeup is non toxic
  5. Mineral makeup is more versatile
  6. Mineral makeup is organic
  7. Mineral makeup is longer lasting
  8. Mineral makeup is gentle on sensitive skin