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What is Mineral Makeup?

What is Mineral Makeup?

raw mineral examples

Natural minerals like iron oxide, zinc oxide, magnesium, nitrides and mica are common in nature, often appearing as colorful red, pink, white, blue, green or yellow streaks running through exposed rock, cliff faces and riverbeds.

Depending on where you live, it may be easy to see minerals in nature. Once you begin to notice them, you’ll see that minerals are everywhere!

One example of iron oxide is rust. Naturally occurring as a dark reddish hue, rusty iron oxide can be mixed with other colors to create mineral foundations for all skin tones and complexions. Various other minerals present further options for color mixing in mineral makeup formulas.

In fact, you can create just about any color using a few basic, naturally occurring minerals. Like mixing together primary paints, the color possibilities of mineral makeup are endless.

Pure Minerals

Southern Magnolia's line of pure mineral makeup is 100% safe. Hand crafted using only the finest mineral ingredients, you will notice a difference in how your skin looks after only one try.

Our minerals are sourced domestically (USA) and do not contain micro particles.

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